Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter, Elegant Black

Product Description
  • Features a European inspired curved design that stands vertically without the need for a separate base
  • Patent-pending easy release removable lid that converts into a foil cutter
  • Opens up to 40 bottles on a single charge, all with the single push of a button
  • Unique transparent shell makes the entire cork removal process visual
  • Illuminates with a soft blue light when in use and while recharging

More Information

The Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener in elegant black combines an European inspired cordless design with a new ultra fast rechargeable motor that opens up to 40 bottles, all on a single charge.
With the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener, opening a bottle of wine is effortless, quick and entertaining.
The Nouveaux introduces a celebrated design incorporating elegant curves that allow it to stand vertically without the use of a separate base or stand.
Designed for home and restaurant use, the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric removes a wine bottle cork with the gentle push of a button. Unlike other electric wine openers, it features a transparent corkscrew shell that makes the cork removal process completely visible.
When in use or while being recharged with the included compact adaptor, the Nouveaux illuminates its transparent bottom shell with calming blue indicator lights.
A completely cordless wine opener, the Nouveaux opens both natural and synthetic corks, and features an ergonomic grip for easy handling. With its fashionable design, high quality materials and durable construction, The Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener is the ultimate companion to every wine bottle.

奧澤瑞 Nouveaux ™ 電動開瓶器

  • 歐洲風格弧形設計,毋須底座亦能垂直站立
  • 正在申請專利的可拆卸蓋子容易開啓,能充作鋁箔切割刀使用
  • 一次充電可以打開 50 支葡萄酒,每次只需按下按鈕即可
  • 獨特的透明外殼令取出軟木塞的過程一目了然
  • 使用及充電時會亮起柔和的藍燈
$210.00 $220.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
i love mine! so easy to use.

i love this! what a great price too. it's SO easy to use. you just use the foil cutter by pinching the sides on top to release and then put it around the foil and squeeze and turn. then put the screw on top of the bottle and push. then to get the cork off the machine you push the other buttton. it's so easy and no twisting and turning manually. great for anyone who has trouble opening wine bottles and just a great look to have out for a party. i use it every day and it lasts weeks before i have to recharge. there is a cool blue light that it emits while it's charging. i love this. i've had it for weeks now with no issues whatsoever. i highly recommend! great for a gift too!

Yvonne Tan
Good item

Nice design. Durable and high quality. Can be used in low light romantic settings because of its blue light. Also, very sturdy and durable. I like it!