Ozeri LS2 Propane Gas Tank Gauge and Scale for BBQ Grills

Product Description
  • Calibrated to common 20 lb exchangeable propane tanks, the LCD Screen illuminates in 3 intuitive colors (red, orange or green) for immediate insight into tank gas level for the hurried chef or grill master.
  • For more precise readings on your tank’s gas level, the display also shows tank weight along with an indicator for net gas available (E for Empty, ¼, ½, ¾, and F for Full).
  • Quickly switch between Propane Tank Mode and Regular Scale Mode for weighing fish, small game, groceries, luggage or even postage.
  • Features a convenient Unit button to switch between lbs and kg (max 110 lbs/50 kg) and Tare button for additive weighing.
  • Includes a built-in Digital thermometer (displays in either C or F) and a retractable 3ft tape measure to confirm your fishing stories.

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